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Solar 4 Causes is a veteran-owned solar concierge service based in sunny Southern California. We are proud to offer unbeatable, start-to-finish solar and battery services.

We are a Sungrid™ Partner because their solar panels are 100% made in the USA, they are based locally in Orange County, and they are the fastest growing solar installer in the USA.  

We help reduce your electricity bill by taking an alternative approach to energy and focusing on three key phases: Reduction – Production – Aggregation. The combination of these three key points is the future in energy savings.

Sunny Days Instantly Become Pay Days!

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Free yourself from the utility company’s 4.7% annual increase in rates by capturing the sun’s energy for yourself. As a premium local solar panel installer, we are homeowner’s number one choice when it comes to renewable energy. Currently serving all of California, SunGrid is changing the game by offering our Energy Reduction Package with every solar panel installation.  Switching your home to solar energy will be the best decision you will ever make. It will pay for itself, positively affect the environment, add value to your home and the best part is you can start with little to no upfront cost, and your monthly payment will be less than what you currently pay the electric company. Our financing options help make the switch to solar energy easy and affordable.