Benefits of Solar Power

Homeowners in record numbers in our neighborhoods have started the process to put solar on their homes because they are discovering how much money they will be saving by switching to affordable, clean and earth-friendly energy. Most of us are SDG & E or SCE “captive” customers and are subject to their projected yearly rate hikes unless we take a few minutes to find out if we can get a “Better Deal” by generating energy directly from our own home’s roof. The short and long term savings can be very significant and worth evaluating.

The Most Important First Step:

get a Complimentary, Friendly and “Pressure-Free” evaluation to see if your home’s structure and location will generate the needed energy according to what your annual energy usage and needs look like now and potential future needs.

Let’s Make a Difference Together and Provide Support to Worthy Causes:

The energy consultants at "Solar4Causes" are passionate about supporting local worthy causes and offers homeowners the opportunity to donate $500.00 to the charity or non-profit of their choice.

Added “FREE” Electric-Bike Bonus:

check out your 1-in-25 chance to win a Free Electric Bike from Pedego of Dana Point just by getting your complimentary solar evaluation – no purchase required. Call, text or email Solar4Causes for complete details and to set-up an appointment for your home’s complimentary “Green Energy” evaluation.

5 Great Win-Win reasons to call Solar4Causes to analyze your homes’ “Green-Energy” potential:

1) Solar4Causes – Homeowner Consultation/Property Evaluation: Deciding to get a solar system and becoming part “of the grid” can be challenging and confusing for many homeowners. This is why with Solar4Causes our “primary role” is to provide homeowners with a friendly and complimentary evaluation of their home’s green energy potential along with the various purchase options. 

2) Zero-Out-of-Pocket/Low Monthly/Tax Incentives: Qualified homes can get a complete solar system with ZERO money out of pocket. Choose from many financing programs, lease or use a “Pay as You Go” option. it’s all up to you. The low monthly payments also add protection from the projected yearly price increases from the big utility companies. Currently a 26% tax rebate is available in 2020, and then drops to 22% in 2021. 

3) Solar Increases the Value of Your Home: Recent reports from the real estate industry are showing that homes with solar sell for a higher amount and sell faster.

4) The PLANET Says THANKS: Switching to clean, affordable and renewable energy shows that you care and are helping to make the planet healthier and safer for the generations to come.

5) Solar4Causes- –$500.00 Donation: When a Solar4Causes' customer gets their solar system installed a $500.00 donation will be issued on their behalf to the non-profit or worthy cause of their choice. These funds come directly from the solar representative’s funds. It’s our way of saying "Thank You" for letting us guide you through the process of switching to clean and affordable energy. We also offer a referral incentive when you recommend us to family, neighbors or friends--your sales rep will give you details. Certain Terms and Conditions Apply.

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