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Solar Energy for Commercial, Residential, & Non-Profit

Allow us to walk you through the process of getting solar approved and installed on your roof. 

Free yourself from the utility company’s 4.7% annual increase in rates by capturing the sun’s energy for yourself. 

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Turn your business into an electricity-producing asset with commercial solar panels.

We are an approved solar company that works with green-energy lenders who provide the down-payment for nonprofits.

Have a roof that’s in bad shape or can’t support solar panels? When combining your re-roof with solar, you can claim the 26% solar federal tax credit together. 

Residential Solar

Is solar cost-effective? If your Electric bill is over $100, the answer is yes. There are many ways to purchase a solar system. You can pay cash upfront to see the quickest return on your investment. You can take out a solar loan that will cost less then what you are currently paying to the utility company. You can enter into a solar lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) to lower your monthly payment and see quicker initial savings. Whatever way you decide to pay for your solar system, you can start with no money out of pocket and not have to pay the utility companies rising rates. 

Commercial Solar

SunGrids commercial solar installation provides top of the line products with new cutting edge technology. All of our systems are aimed to give the highest efficiency to power your entire business. Our goal is to help businesses cut their energy cost and increase profitability while having a positive effect on the environment at the same time.

Non-Profit Solar

First, the Not-So-Good News: Because nonprofits don’t pay taxes, they cannot take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit or the 100% Bonus Depreciation.

Ready for the GREAT NEWS? We are an approved solar installer that works with green-energy nonprofits that assist other nonprofits to get down payment assistance from investors who can benefit from the 26% Federal Tax Credit. The assisted nonprofit can start saving money immediately by lowering their current monthly energy bill with zero-out-of-pocket funds required. Your nonprofit can now be recognized for their efforts to help make this planet a healthier and safer place for future generations.

Limited Availability of Funds and Assistance: Funds available in these assisted financing programs due fluctuate due to the dependence on investor dollars. Getting nonprofits and their subject property qualified for financial assistance in a timely manner is very important. If your nonprofit would like to start saving money as soon as possible, please contact us now to discuss and evaluate your current situation and do our best to get your nonprofit properly qualified to work with the green-energy nonprofits. The sooner your nonprofit gets qualified the sooner you move up the approved- for-funds status.

Re-Roofing for Solar

Old roofs can cause air to leak making your HVAC system work harder to achieve your desired indoor temperature. Not only does a new roof have great Curb Appeal and help the resell value of your home but it also can prevent health hazards such as mold and mildew. 

Reduce stress by knowing your roof is able to withstand the hardship of mother nature and give yourself peace of mind with a solid roof with a great warranty.

Mother Earth Thanks You

Switch to solar to save money, time, energy, and the planet.